There are many species of birds in the world. Most of the bird species are in the stage of extinction because of the intervention of human in the habit and habitat of birds. There are several steps being taken by the organizations to prevent some bird species that are in at most extinction. At the same time, many people want British garden birds to decorate their garden. They are searching for ways to attract birds to their gardens. Some of the birds that people want to attract it to their garden are as follows.

Types of British Garden Birds


Grouse is one of the birds that are sturdy, terrestrial and medium sized bird. Some of the birds that get included in this species are red grouse, black grouse, ptarmigan and western capercaillie. These birds are resident breeding species. There are many websites that can provide complete information about these birds and its habit and habitat.

European Robin

european robin

European robin or robin is a common bird that can be seen in the gardens of British. This is a small sized bird and it is insectivorous passerine bird. The coloration of both male and female will be similar. This bird can grow up to the length of 5 to 5.5 inches. Since this bird is an insectivorous, people who want to attract their garden with full of colorful birds can set a bird table or feeder along with earthworms and other grains.

Collared Dove

Collared dove is one among the birds in the list of common birds of Great Britain. This bird is smaller than the size of wood pigeon. The length of this medium sized dove will be similar to the size of the rock pigeon. The average length of this bird is 32 cm. this type of bird species is close to the habitation of human. These birds can be seen in the places where food resources are available and tress for nesting. It is easy for people to attract this bird species to the garden by providing enough food grains.

Great Tit

great tit sitting on a branch

Great tit is a common and widespread species in the continent Europe. This is a passerine bird. These type of bird species would not migrate until a string winter sustains in the place where it lives. The great tit is one of the British garden birds that can be easily attracted since this bird get adapted to the changes made by human in the environment. This bird can be commonly seen in the areas of gardens and urban parks. It is easy for people to visit their garden by providing food and water for them in the garden.

House Sparrow

two sparrow in a fence

House sparrow is one of the most common British garden bird that can be seen in the gardens and parks of Great Britain and other parts of world. It is a small bird with a length of 16 cm. this bird is one of the species of genus passer. This bird gets associates with the habitations of human.  This bird decorates the garden and parks of Great Britain with its beauty.

How to Attract British Garden Birds


The dunnocks bird will be attracted by the dense cover of bush because they can use that for both nesting and feeding. Jays used to buy themselves in the lawns and flowerbeds because they like the oaks and mature trees. If you give more apples and berries to the birds, they can see some green woodpeckers inside the garden. Because they like to eat the nuts and seeds mainly in the ground is frozen.

Use Fruits

 The winter and autumn berries attract the fieldfares because they are the best food for them. If the garden has any apple trees, the best way to attract these British garden birds is to use the low quality apples and put inside the tree. Use binoculars to see whether the birds appear in your garden or not because this is the best way to grab them if they miss in your garden. Cats are the one which disturb the feeding areas of birds, so the birds feel danger to get their prey if cats are inside. The nest boxes should be cleaned correctly with hot water to clean the dead parasites. Change in the nest location helps you find whether the birds are using the box are not. 

Nest Boxes

You can use different types of nest boxes but don’t place multiple same type nest box. To reduce the diseases, clean the seeds in the feeders and place them after sterilizing them. If you feel that the birds are sick, they have to do the sterilizing process. Do some experiments before placing the feeders because sometimes the squirrels may jump into the nest. In the winter time, the birds need more nuts and berries. You have to help the birds to grow in the winter season because they feel unhappy with the outside atmosphere. The birds need some high energy foods which is rich in both fat and vitamins. If you use mild cheese, the birds love to stay inside the garden. In the winter time, you should put some unfrozen water in a bowl, because the birds need them to clean their wings. You should also place some tennis ball or ping pong ball to help them to avoid freezing of water.


If a garden is integrated with stable ecosystem and landscape which gives the better life for the birds, the bird will love to be a part of it.

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